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          CTRS Standings Mixed Doubles Ranking The MA Cup: Top 5

          Canada Team Ranking System (CTRS)

          CTRS Standings Womens

          Kerri Einarson (Manitoba)420.069Details

          Tracy Fleury (Manitoba)404.325Details

          Jennifer Jones (Manitoba)341.765Details

          Rachel Homan (Ontario)325.931Details

          Chelsea Carey (Alberta)230.255Details

          Kelsey Rocque (Alberta)198.056Details

          Laura Walker (Alberta)172.405Details

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          CTRS Standings Mens

          Brad Jacobs (Northern Ontario)483.766Details

          John Epping (Ontario)445.311Details

          Brad Gushue (Newfoundland / Labrador)395.747Details

          Brendan Bottcher (Alberta)347.977Details

          Mike McEwen (Manitoba)317.716Details

          Kevin Koe (Alberta)277.610Details

          Matt Dunstone (Saskatchewan)254.711Details

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          Mixed Doubles Rankings

          1Jennifer Jones/Brent Laing228.627

          2Jocelyn Peterman / Brett Gallant226.750

          3Nancy Martin / Tyrel Griffith219.557

          4Rachel Homan/John Morris196.216

          5Shannon Birchard/Catlin Schneider183.505

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          MA Cup: Top 5

          173 SK

          269 AB

          367.5 ON

          467 MB

          559.5 NS

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